Small Group Fitness Training

Small Group Training (max 5 ppl)

Whether you are an avid gym goer or just beginning your fitness journey, group fitness classes can help you maintain and improve your cardiovascular health, increase your strength and motivate you to push yourself. Enjoy total body workouts designed to keep your heart pumping with a variety of exercises. Break a sweat and get stronger and fitter with a mixture of functional strength, cardio, and core work using bodyweight exercises, barbells, bodybars, TRX, Dumbbells, resistance bands and much more. Sign up with friends, or join an existing group, doesn’t matter your end goal - have a healthier lifestyle, feel good and look good.

Semi- Private Training

Semi-Private / Partner Training (max 3 ppl)

Rather workout with a friend or family member, join our 60 minute semi-private / partner training sessions that incorporates weight and strength training, cardiovascular endurance, core training, flexibility, and nutrition so you can reach your goals quickly and efficiently. 


One on one training - 30 min session

Don’t have time, we can create a personal training program to meet your needs. Whether you train once or several times a week, we can create a program that will work with your schedule and your budget.