IslandJam Fitness

Online Coaching Plan

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30 Day Transformation

30 Day Transformation:

An introductory plan designed to provide you with the basics in fitness and nutrition. This program will introduce lifestyle changes to help you reach your goals in the next 30 days.

IslandJam Fitness Transformation 60 Days

60 Day Transformation:

This plan is designed to improve upon the basics, adding more to your workouts and pushing your to develop more habits. This is where you begin to transform and reprogram your mindset and your body. This plan is introduces the minimum amount of time it takes to develop the skills and habit needed to continue after program completion.

IslandJam Transformation 90 Days

90 Day Transformation:

This plan is where the real work begins. On average, the 60 day plan is the minimum amount of time it takes to form a new habit, so continuing to 90 days will provide the best chances for continued success.