This Health and Fitness Client Waiver and Services Agreement contract outlines an agreement and all contractual obligations made on ______________[date], between Renea Jones-Hudson, here referred to as IslandJam Fitness LLC and here __________________________ referred to as Client, in consideration of the mutual covenants herein contained and, intending to be legally bound hereby, the Client and the Personal trainer/Fitness instructor agree as follows:

1. Client agrees to a signed contract for IslandJam Fitness LLC to provide Educational, Health and Fitness, Nutritional and Wellness Coaching Services on the date and time agreed or for as long as the client remains a paying client of IslandJam Fitness LLC.

2. IslandJam Fitness LLC agrees to perform these services for clientele under the terms and conditions set forth in this contract.

3. In consideration of the mutual promises set forth in this contract, an agreement between the client and IslandJam Fitness LLC, all clients are to inform IslandJam Fitness LLC Personal Trainer/Fitness Instructor regarding any sensitivities or allergies, injuries, illnesses past and current (posturing, bones, psychological/mental illness, nutritional deficiencies, food allergies any organ failures, and all medically induced treatments).

4. IslandJam Fitness LLC will keep Client information confidential and will not release Client information to a third party without Client's written consent and authorization.

5. Before starting any health and fitness regimen with IslandJam Fitness LLC, the potential client is instructed to consult with his/her primary physician. Proper documentation stating they are fit to begin a health and fitness regimen from their physician will be kept on file. Client is responsible for their own health and decisions and thereby relinquishes all liabilities against IslandJam Fitness LLC.

6. IslandJam Fitness LLC will not be liable for any past, present and future illness and injuries that may occur with IslandJam Fitness LLC, within any distance of the IslandJam Fitness LLC facility or unsupervised services given to clientele by IslandJam Fitness LLC.

7. Any injuries that occur within the IslandJam Fitness LLC facility, within distance of IslandJam Fitness LLC facility or unsupervised whether it is due to nature, clumsiness, slips and falls, or inadequate guidance from a trainer/instructor lack of information, Renea Jones-Hudson, IslandJam Fitness LLC, IslandJam Fitness Staff and Official Representatives will not be held liable, neither sought out nor intertwined in any ligations (lawyers, lawsuits, courthouses, subpoena,) for any type of grievance or compensation.